Make-Up For Beginners #7 - Blushers

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Welcome back to my 7th installment of this little series - i'm not sure how we have managed seven of these already but we have. This time around I want to delve into the world of blushers and highlighters. To some these steps aren't even necessary but it's always good to know how to use it just in case you ever take the notion.

Weekend Relaxation

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Yay, it's the weekend!! After a 50 hour week - that's two hours commuting a day added to a normal 9-5 job I am very happy to have made it to the weekend and it's time for some relaxation.

L'Occtaine Milk Concentrate Body Cream

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L'Occtaine is a brand that I have dabbled in before. Mostly these products have been one's that you would use in the shower but this time I branched out into the world of skincare.

Make-Up For Beginners #6 - Bronzers

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For my next installment in my Make-Up For Beginners Guide, I wanted to talk to you about bronzers. I know that when it comes to this particular make-up area even to this day I still find it confusing. I am in no way a make-up newbie but bronzers can be very confusing. Hopefully at the end of this post it will all make a little more sense.

DVDs I Got For Christmas - Part Two

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Okay, so I know that Christmas is now very much a distant memory but after writing part one of these DVD posts a couple of weeks ago I knew I had to keep going until I had shown you all the lovely DVDs I was gifted this year.