My Top 5 DVDs Of The Moment

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I love collecting DVDs and watching them over and over again - to me it really never does seem to get old. Infact, it's become quite a hobby of mine - I organise them and have them in a certain order, I really am an obsessive. Having such a large collection -it's at a few hundred currently- means that it can be hard to pick what I want to watch. It does however, mean that I have various DVDs that I tend to come back to again and again.

Collection Naturally Matt Foundation - My Thoughts

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I have gone back and forth with writing this review, as it's not going to be a glowing report. Sometimes I feel bad that I can't say good things about every product I try, but lets be honest - we don't all like everything that we try.

Lets Have a Chat!

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Sometimes, I just want to sit down at my computer and talk to all you lovely people, who happen to grace this little corner of the internet with your presence. 

Friday Favourites - Edition 1

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It's Friday - does a little dance for joy - that means the working week ends tonight and I can have a lie in tomorrow. It also means I am trying out a new post idea. I have been doing Things Thursday for a while but it was beginning to get a little repetitive. I thought that I would mix things up and do something on a Friday instead.

Am I Sticking To My Beauty Goals?

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It's not often I make goals in the new year for myself, as i'm not that kind of person. I tend to like to make continuous goals throughout the year, but this year was different. I set myself some beauty goals for the year and I thought as we are now eight months in -that alone is scary in itself if i'm being honest- I would take a look and see if I have stuck to them, or not as the case may be.